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The Holy Quran

The Quran is the Word of the Creator, sent from above the seven heavens to His creation. It is the Speech of God. It is preserved in the hearts, recited with the tongue and written in words.

The Quran is Guidance. It guides people to the Reality of God and is the proof of His existence. The Quran dispels any reason that people may have for disbelieving in God. It addresses all arguments, dispels all resistance and leaves the person facing the reality that we are created and that we have a Creator Who has sent down Guidance. It does this function of Guidance to any person, anywhere on earth, during any time period.

The Quran is Light. It throws light on the actions of people and dispels any delusions people may have. It accurately explains people's actions to them and brings to light what is in our hearts - something only the Creator can know about His creation.

The Quran is Light. It takes people out of the darkness of falsehood and superstition into the light of truth and rational thinking. It provides logical proofs to guide people to recognize their Creator. It provides a glimpse of the next life and appeals to a persons heart by providing glimpses of the pleasures of heaven and the tortures of hell.

The Quran is a reminder. It reminds people of their covenant with their Creator, that we should worship none but Him. It reminds people of the temporary nature of this world and the permanent nature of the next. It reminds people of death. It reminds people that death is only physical and the soul is faced with trials or ease in the grave depending on people's actions in this life. It reminds people that there will be a Day when all souls will be placed back into physical bodies and made to appear before their Lord. It reminds people that their actions do have consequences - those that submit to their Lord will have achieved the objective of life, while those that reject the truth will face the consequences of their actions.

The Quran is a cure. It is a cure for the diseases in people's hearts. It cures pride. It reminds people of their humble beginnings and their actual powerlessness in the universe. It reminds people that it is we that stand in need of God, but that God is free of needing us, and free of all needs and wants. It cures depression. It provides a unique remembrance of God, and in the remembrance of God do hearts find rest. It cures all other diseases of the heart - hatred, envy, covetousness, heedlessness, etc. - and leaves a person with a sound and submissive heart to its Lord.

The Quran is the Truth. It dispels falsehood. It points out the fallacies in people's thinking when they refuse to worship their Creator. Further, it dispels the effects of 'magic' and protects them from harm by others in God's creation, such as Jinns.

The Quran is the criterion to judge between good and evil. Those that judge by it see the fruit of choosing good over evil through making themselves better people and a better society.

The Quran provides a way of life for each individual to live life in as perfect subservience to God as possible. It provides laws for society, that lead to as perfect a society as possible, if they are followed.

The Quran is Guidance. It increases the believers further and further in Guidance so that they recognizes their true position in relation to their Lord. It is unique in that it motivates a person to believe in God, then to submit their entire self to Him. It then motivates a person to devote their entire being to their Lord so that a person's life, death, sacrifice and every action are done for Him. The person feeds for the sake of His Lord, even though he may himself be hungry. He wakes up in the middle of the night and stands in worship before his Lord, standing and prostrating in humility. He fasts during the day to increase the consciousness for His Lord, and to gain mastery over his desires. He fights for the cause of the oppressed for the sake of his Lord. He sacrifices his life in fighting against the tyrants, for the sake of his Lord. The Quran guides a person higher and higher until the person looks around him and recognizes the reality of this world and pines for the company and pleasure of His Master. Throughout all this the person never assumes himself to be better than anyone else. He considers himself to be a humble slave of God, considering others to be better than him. All the while the Quran increases the person to higher degrees.

Read the Quran. Listen to what your Lord has to say. It will free you and will lift the veil of illusion masking the life of this world. It will take you to new heights of happiness and bliss leaving your heart light and your mind enlightened. It will provide you with hope and explain to you that your Lord has a great reward in store for you for the small action of submitting to Him, and staying away from worshipping anything other than Him.

NOTE: No translation of the Quran can convey its original meaning. Every translation makes the best possible attempt, but usually includes a disclaimer explaining that no translation of the Quran can ever be close to a comprehensive translation.

Read the Holy Quran!